Frequently asked Questions

Here you can find answers to many of your questions. Personal information for your children such as legal name, birth date, and social security number, please Contact Us.

Pricing Plan

This allows you the opportunity to go through all of the issues involved in your divorce and lay out the information and terms of the divorce. Once you’ve done that your spouse will have the opportunity to review your responses to the questionnaire and propose changes. This facilitates communication and cooperation in amicably agreeing to these terms. Once you both have agreed on the responses and terms outlined in the questionnaire, you’re ready to move forward with the divorce process.

Are there any additional fees beyond the initial payment of $295?

Answer: If you and your spouse come to an agreement on the information in the questionnaire you’re ready to move forward. This triggers the second payment of $695.

The second payment provides you access to custom tailored documents that reflects the information gathered in the questionnaire. You and your spouse will review these documents to ensure they reflect the information as provided in the agreed upon responses to the questionnaire. This package of documents includes the documents needed to complete your divorce.* Once you have both reviewed, approved, and signed the documents they can be downloaded and submitted to the court consistent with the detailed instructions provided with them. The documents come with the divorce guarantee. This means that SimplEnding guarantees that the court will accept the documents provided to finalize your divorce. If the court rejects the documents, SimpleEnding will correct the documents to meet the court’s requirements.

[*In cases with children a child support worksheet must also be completed and submitted to the court. This can be obtained through the ORS website prompted in the questionnaire. It also does not include the certificates for any other course certificates or other documents required by the court.]

Getting Started

If you’re unable to come to an agreement on the responses to the questionnaire with your spouse you will not be able to resolve your divorce with our service. Despite that, you still receive benefit from that initial investment of $295. Going through the questionnaire will provide you with information about the divorce process and the issues that need to be addressed. This will help you better communicate with and limit time spent with counsel should you need to retain an attorney. It will also help you identify the documents and information and documents necessary to complete your divorce. Finally, it’ll help you understand what issues are preventing resolution of your divorce between you and your spouse. This will be beneficial to any attorney you hire to help resolve your divorce.

Attempting to resolve your divorce through the use of SimpleEnding provides you and your spouse the opportunity to come to an agreement on the terms of your divorce without attorneys and obtain professional quality documents for a fraction of the cost of a divorce with attorneys. The cost of attempting to resolve your divorce costs less than a consultation with a reputable attorney. Even if it’s not successful, there are several benefits to attempting to resolve your divorce through our service.

Our service will work for most situations. There are some situations where it may be best to seek out legal counsel. Even if you use our service, we do not discourage anyone from seeking advice from counsel to ensure they are making good decisions. More complex divorce cases may require additional advice and assistance from counsel. For example, cases where there is a disabled party or child, there is domestic abuse, or there are complex assets. In those cases, our service may work, but we encourage you to seek out legal advice to address these types of situations and how they may affect your divorce.

About US

This is a service that was designed specifically for the user at home to be able to gather the necessary information and make educated decisions regarding their divorce without spending thousands of dollars on an attorney. The interface was made with the user in mind so that the questions are easy to understand. Any information necessary to understand the questions and their answers is available within the questionnaire and easy to reference. Upon completion of the questionnaire, the user should have the knowledge and information to understand the language contained in the documents tailor made based upon the information and answers provided in the questionnaire.

SimpleEnding was created by attorney Jill Coil. After years of practice in family law she recognized the need for a service that will both inform users and assist them in making good and educated decisions regarding their divorce when they choose not to obtain an attorney or cannot afford to do so. The other services available will help users create documents that often contain provisions that are not advisable or were well-meaning, but the user did not consider the consequence or outcome of that provision. This led Jill to assemble a team of professionals to develop a service to resolve these issues and allows users to invest a fraction of the cost of hiring an attorney in order to ensure they have the information and ability to work amicably with their spouse to obtain professional quality documents to complete their divorce.