Did you know that SimpleEnding is the first online divorce platform of its kind? Unlike other online divorce platforms, SimpleEnding was created to produce attorney-quality documents for a fraction of the price. Those who don’t want to hire an attorney, or cannot afford to hire an attorney, can still get divorce documents that protect their rights. Most importantly, these divorce documents were designed to hold up in court; when you draft your divorce documents with SimpleEnding, you should not need any post-divorce modifications due to terms that are unenforceable. 

Upfront Pricing 

At SimpleEnding, all our pricing is upfront. When you use SimpleEnding to generate your divorce documents, you know exactly how much your documents are going to cost. Other platforms try to trick you by offering extremely low base prices only to upcharge customers for every little thing possible. At SimpleEnding, you’re either paying $598 for the collaborative option, or $398 for the unilateral option. You are under no obligation to pay SimpleEnding any fees beyond the second payment. Some states have filing fees that need to be paid to the court. If you live in a state that has filing fees, you will be required to cover those as well. 

Attorney-Quality Documents 

SimpleEnding was designed by an attorney to produce the same high-quality divorce documents that an attorney would draft. Leading attorney Jill Coil created SimpleEnding so that everyone has the opportunity to get quality divorce documents for a fraction of the cost. Not everyone can afford an attorney and, quite frankly, not everyone needs an attorney in order to go through the divorce process. SimpleEnding generates quality divorce documents for those who can’t afford to pay for an attorney, or do not want to pay for an attorney. Unlike other online divorce platforms, SimpleEnding was specifically designed in order to generate attorney quality divorce documents. 

Not Just a Form-Filler 

Many online divorce platforms have simply purchased the state’s forms and walk users through the process of filling in each blank. SimpleEnding is different. Instead of simply walking users through each item in the state’s do-it-yourself divorce documents, SimpleEnding completely revolutionizes the divorce process. Instead of prompting users to type up the terms of their divorce decree, we give each user a list of options along with the education they need in order to make informed decisions about the terms of their divorce. When you use SimpleEnding, the only thing you’ll have to fill in is the basic information such as your name, phone number, and address. 

Enforceable Terms 

SimpleEnding generates quality divorce documents that were designed to be enforceable. When you turn in your divorce documents, you’re expected to use all the legal language that a lawyer would use, even if you didn’t go to law school. Online divorce platforms haven’t historically been designed to generate divorce documents that hold up in court. Most of these online divorce platforms expect users to fill out their divorce documents in their own words. These platforms don’t provide much education on what users are agreeing to, or the implications of the terms they’ve agreed to. SimpleEnding generates tailored divorce documents that use all the legal language necessary for the courts to interpret the terms of your divorce. Unlike other divorce platforms, SimpleEnding’s process actually prevents users from agreeing to terms that are unenforceable. Before SimpleEnding, those who used online divorce documents didn’t have a way to get attorney-quality divorce documents that were designed to hold up in court. 

We Can Do It All 

Got a business? We can help you with that. Children? SimpleEnding can help. 401Ks, investment accounts, and other retirement accounts? We can handle it. Before SimpleEnding came along, many divorce platforms were only used for people with low-conflict divorces and short-term marriages where there aren’t a lot of assets or complications. Now that SimpleEnding has launched, almost anyone who’s able to work with their ex can use SimpleEnding. If you’re looking for an online divorce platform, SimpleEnding can probably help you. There are only a few issues that SimpleEnding is not equipped to handle. But for the most part, if you’re getting a divorce, and you’re able to come to an agreement with your ex, SimpleEnding can help you get your divorce documents. 

Simplify Your Divorce 

At SimpleEnding.com, you can begin drafting your divorce documents from the comfort of your own home. You don’t need to see your ex or leave your house—until you’re ready to file them, that is. If you’re looking to simplify your divorce, get started today! Check out our online divorce reviews!