Having access to an attorney is a privilege that not all people have. Some people cannot afford to have an attorney advocate on their behalf during a divorce. While others may not realize just how much there is to learn about the divorce process. It isn’t uncommon for one party to sign a do-it-yourself divorce decree without fully understanding what they’ve either written or simply agreed to by signing it. Having an attorney is a privilege, and one not everyone can afford. That’s why we created SimpleEnding. 

Not Everyone Can Afford It

Getting a divorce with an attorney is often and very expensive. But unless you have completely separate finances, no assets, no children, and a short-term marriage, you’re probably going to pay an attorney quite a bit more than you’d spend if you just did the divorce yourself. The problem is that most people can’t afford an attorney, even if they need one. But these people who can’t afford an attorney don’t usually have the legal education necessary to write their own divorce decree that will be enforceable, and won’t cause problems in the future. That’s why Jill Coil created SimpleEnding. SimpleEnding is a do-it-yourself divorce program that generates custom divorce decrees based on each couple’s unique situation. While guiding users through a questionnaire, SimpleEnding educates users so that they can make informed decisions regarding their divorce.

Extra Time

If you have an attorney, you’re likely going to have to take time off of work to meet with them or take their calls. And if your divorce can’t be settled with the attorneys, you may have to take time off in order to make an appearance in court. This is a luxury most people don’t have. With SimpleEnding, you can work on your divorce on your own time. Since you’ll have access to the website 24/7, you can negotiate terms or respond to your spouse’s negotiations when it’s right for you. SimpleEnding doesn’t require you to take time off, or appear in court.

Do-It-Yourself Divorces

Do-it-yourself divorces often need to be modified later on because neither party had the legal education necessary to write a divorce decree that is enforceable. Other times, issues come up that the decree doesn’t cover. Though attorneys have the experience necessary to anticipate such issues, the average person does not. Therefore, couples often end up in an attorney’s office after the divorce. And depending on the issue, couples may have to go to court in order to have it resolved. Fixing a poorly worded divorce decree can be more costly both financially and time-wise than a regular divorce with an attorney would cost. In cases like the aforementioned, people can’t even afford do-it-yourself divorces. SimpleEnding only allows couples to choose terms for their divorce that are enforceable and will hold up in court. Furthermore, it covers issues that you may not anticipate. SimpleEnding was designed to generate decrees that don’t need modifications later.

Divorce Sets People Back Financially

Divorce often sets people back financially. If both parties worked full-time, their incomes will be cut in half, but they’ll still have all the expenses. If one party stayed home with the children while the other party worked, then childcare costs will likely need to be added to the budget of both parties. Most people are unprepared for just how much of a setback divorce can be financially. It can already be difficult to anticipate the full cost of your divorce with an attorney, especially at the beginning when you aren’t sure how many hours it will take your attorney, or whether or not you’ll need to go to court. With SimpleEnding, a divorce costs less than a thousand dollars. That’s it. We don’t have pricing plans or features you can pay extra for. You pay $9901,000 and SimpleEnding will generate a divorce decree that’s tailored to your specific situation.

Educate, Empower, and Elevate

It’s a privilege to be able to hire an attorney to advocate for your best interests. Unfortunately, not everyone has the ability to consult with an attorney, then hire an attorney. SimpleEnding was created so that everyone has access to the education necessary to make informed decisions about their divorce without having to worry about ending up in court years later, and spending thousands of dollars to fix a poorly worded decree. SimpleEnding’s mission is to educate, empower, and elevate users during the divorce process so that they feel confident about the decisions they’ve made, and are ready to move forward after a divorce.

When You’re Ready for Divorce

SimpleEnding was created so that anyone can have access to the information they need in order to get a Decree of Divorce that protects them as well as their spouse. If you’re considering filing for divorce and you’re looking for a less expensive cheap, hassle-free alternative to an attorney, get started on filling out SimpleEnding’s questionnaire today.