Is It Bad to Post Revealing Pictures? 

Sometimes when people say “bad,” they mean immoral. Is it immoral to post revealing pictures on your social media accounts? Well, that’s going to depend on your morals. However, sometimes, when people ask if it’s bad to post revealing pictures, they’re asking whether or not it’s bad for a relationship. In some cases, it can cause tension if both parties aren’t on the same page about what to post on social media. Some people find their partner attractive and want to show the world their attractive partner while other people don’t want to flaunt their partner, even though they find their partner attractive. What works for you in your relationship won’t necessarily work in someone else’s relationship. This is important to keep in mind when asking whether or not posting revealing pictures is “bad.” 

Is It OK to Post Selfies in a Relationship? 

You should be allowed to post selfies in a relationship, especially ones that aren’t suggestive. A lot of people with controlling or abusive tendencies begin asserting their control by telling their partners what they are and aren’t allowed to post. Sometimes, abusers will try to disguise these rules as “boundaries.” These boundaries/rules may initially appear reasonable, “I don’t want you going on a vacation with your ex.”—after all, even non-abusive people probably wouldn’t stand for that! However, if you’re in a relationship or marriage with someone who’s controlling or abusive, you’ll realize that their “boundaries” gradually become more rigid and controlling.  Initially, they may not have been comfortable with you talking to your ex on Facebook, but after a while you may find that they’re not okay with you talking to anyone on social media. So, you should be able to post selfies while in a relationship or marriage, especially if they’re not revealing or suggestive in any way. 

What Did They Do before the Relationship/Marriage? 

Behaviors aren’t likely to stop just because a person got into a relationship or even got married. If you notice that someone you’re seeing likes to post a lot of pictures on social media, and you’re uncomfortable with this, you shouldn’t expect them to change just because they started dating you or married you. How a person acts before they’re married is generally a pretty good predictor of how they’ll act within the marriage. Although many people are inspired to better themselves by a marriage—or let themselves go—most people don’t become an entirely different person—and if they do change drastically to please their partner, it might not last if they aren’t making changes for themselves. 

You Find What You’re Looking For… 

Most people like to show off things that they’re proud of and excited about. Even if you’re not the type to be into social media, you probably do get around to posting pictures of your new puppy, or updating your photo every couple of years. If you’re actively looking to date people who deeply value their appearance and put a lot of effort into being as attractive as possible, you should not be surprised when they want to show that off. People who are willing to go to great lengths in order to be maximum attractive are probably going to be more likely to show that off in at least some capacity.  

Boundaries on Social Media 

Again, what works for one couple might not work for the next couple. For example, some couples have open relationships where messaging exes isn’t “off-limits”. Other couples have open relationships where messaging exes is still considered “off-limits”. Ultimately what you decide is going to depend on what you and your significant other decide on. However, it should be mentioned that social media doesn’t typically reflect reality. Many people only post their best selves on social media. So if you’re comparing your ex to your current spouse on social media, you may feel like your spouse doesn’t compare positively with your ex—but remember you’re only seeing the best, not necessarily the realistic. Remember, just because you’re doing something online doesn’t mean that it’s not cheating. If you’re saying things or otherwise interacting with someone in a way you know your spouse wouldn’t approve of, you may have crossed a boundary. 

When You’re Getting Divorced 

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