A lot of people think going through an online divorce is going to be cheaper if you use the states or other online versions of the do-it-yourself divorce. After all, it seems to be one of the cheapest ways you can get a divorce. However, in some cases, it may be a case of “you get what you pay for.” With SimpleEnding, you can get an affordable divorce that doesn’t come with all the problems that other online divorce services come with. 

You Fill Out the Forms

When you go through other online divorce services or your state’s forms, you essentially fill out all the forms yourself. Though some people think this sounds like a good idea, it can be difficult for others who do not fully understand the forms they’re filling out, or the terms they’re agreeing to. It’s not uncommon for people to sign these documents and file them without fully understanding what they’ve agreed to. And in many cases, people don’t realize that they don’t understand what they agreed to. Furthermore, since you’re filling out the forms, if anything goes wrong, you will likely be responsible for it. And once the divorce is finalized, there isn’t a cheap or easy “undo” button. SimpleEnding provides you with information to make educated decisions and then generates the divorce documents based on your answers to the questions. 

No Collaboration or Too Much Collaboration

At SimpleEnding, you can get a divorce from the comfort of your home without even having to see your ex. In fact, other than negotiating terms through our service, you don’t even have to talk to your ex. Other do-it-yourself options don’t necessarily offer a collaborative experience that allows couples to work together from a distance. Instead, they simply give you the forms and leave the negotiation and collaboration completely up to the couples. This may force couples to interact with each other more than they’d like to. In other situations, one party may draft up all the terms while the other party signs it without realizing what they’ve just agreed to. With SimpleEnding, each party will walk through the questionnaire and either input the first responses, modify their spouse’s responses, or negotiate terms. This ensures that there’s enough collaboration for equality, but not so much collaboration that the experience is unnecessarily traumatic.

No Double Checking

Other do-it-yourself services don’t have safeguards to check the information you put in the divorce decree, or the terms you’ve written. As previously mentioned, you can put pretty much whatever you want, even if it isn’t necessarily fair for both parties. SimpleEnding only allows parties to pick options that result in a decree that protects the rights of both parties. With the online divorce your state or other document preparation websites offer, you don’t have anyone looking out for your best interests. But SimpleEnding was designed by an attorney specifically to protect the interests and rights of those who use the program. 

No Education

SimpleEnding’s mission is to educate, empower, and elevate you through the divorce process. The state’s online divorce forms are designed to get you divorced. That’s it. Using SimpleEnding, you’ll fill out a questionnaire with basic information about yourself. Once you move on to the questions where you’re making decisions about your divorce, SimpleEnding will provide you with educational resources such as videos and explanations to understand the questions better and make informed decisions. SimpleEnding’s goal is to help everyone make informed decisions about their divorce, even if they don’t have the means to hire an attorney. 

After the Divorce

You’ll want to be sure that your divorce documents are enforceable after the divorce has been finalized. Unfortunately, as many people who have used online divorce software have figured out, if your divorce documents included terms that weren’t enforceable, you may end up back in court. For example, child support cannot generally be bartered or negotiated away. For the most part, parents do not have the right to waive child support on the child’s behalf because it belongs to the child, not the parent. When divorces contain terms that won’t hold up in court, parties may have to hire attorneys to get it sorted out.

When You’re Getting Divorced

If you and your spouse are ready to get a divorce SimpleEnding is here for you. SimpleEnding is the first online platform of its kind. SimpleEnding generates high-quality divorce documents that are customized to the situation you’re in. The best part is that users are able to work on their divorce 24/7. If you’re ready to get divorced, get started on the questionnaire today.