Everyone knows that divorce can be expensive. Fortunately, with SimpleEnding, you don’t have to break the bank during the divorce process. Although you’ll be saving a few dollars, you’ll still want to make sure that you’ve got a budget that will save you from getting surprised by everyday expenses.


If you’re not normally the one who does grocery shopping, you may be surprised at just how expensive everyday items can be. Many divorced people go from having two incomes for their monthly expenses to having one income for essentially the same expenses. People who were used to shopping at the grocery store without thinking of cost may not be able to do that anymore.

Financial experts suggest that you can save on groceries by creating a meal plan and grocery list before heading to the store. You may also find that meal prepping once per week can help reduce the temptation to eat out.


Therapy is beneficial for anyone going through the divorce process. Though therapy can cost over $100 per session, it’s often much cheaper if you have health insurance. If you’re struggling to find therapy that you can afford, you may be able to join a divorce support group for much less. Some divorce support groups are available at no cost.

Divorce is often considered to be one of the most traumatic experiences a person can go through. Though no one dies from divorce, many people struggle with the intense emotions that come with divorce and, tragically, many decide to take their own lives. The divorce process is not something you want to go through alone. Working with a licensed mental health professional can help you cope effectively during a very difficult time.

Child Support / Alimony

If your spouse has been awarded temporary child support or alimony, you have likely already factored this into your budget. However, if your spouse qualifies for child support or alimony, or you think there’s a possibility that they might, you may want to consider budgeting for this. In the case of child support and alimony, it’s better to be over prepared than caught off guard by the cost of support. One of the nice parts about SimpleEnding’s software is that couples are allowed to choose the terms of alimony and child support while drafting the divorce documents. So there’s not as much potential surprise as there would be when you’re going to court for alimony. However, until you know for sure whether or not you’re going to be paying for alimony, it may be a good idea to consider it while budgeting.


If you’re keeping the pets, remember that they have costs of their own. Not only can they rack up a lot of veterinary bills, their daily medication and food aren’t free either. Two medium-sized dogs can easily go through $40 to $60 dollars worth of food in a month. Dogs with health issues or allergies may also need special food. Furthermore, if your dogs don’t shed, you may have to pay for grooming, which can cost  $100 easily. Depending on how many cats you have, cat litter can easily exceed $40 per month. If you’re taking a pet, it may be a good idea to research the cost of providing for the pet’s needs each month.

Personal Products and Household Products

Most people don’t know how much they spend on personal products and household products. Typically these expenses aren’t very large, but they can add up quickly. And if they come up at the wrong time, you might be in for some unexpected financial stress. Make sure you’re accounting for hygiene products such as shampoo, deodorant, body wash, body spray, razors, shaving cream, toilet paper, and more. Common household cleaning products include laundry detergent, dish soap, floor cleaner, bleach, disinfectant, filters, and more. Again these are small expenses that can really add up, especially if they all come at the same time. Stay one step ahead by making sure these are already in your budget.

Bonus: Utilities

A lot of couples have a system where one party takes care of all the bills and finances, and the other party checks in every now and then. If you weren’t the party who paid all the bills, you may be surprised at how much gas and electricity cost. Research the cost of your utilities and remember to include gas, water, sewage, recycling, electricity, internet, phone, and any streaming services you have. If your new apartment doesn’t have a washer and dryer, you may need to budget for laundry. Depending on your location, it may be between $2 to $4 per load.

Simplify Your Divorce

At SimpleEnding, saving money during your divorce is a given: without the attorneys and court dates, you’ll save thousands of dollars and hours upon hours of time. If you’ve considered filing for divorce, consider filing for a simple divorce.